Marco Island

We do all the heavy lifting. We find and negotiate high end office space, work with local architects and designers, fill the space with talent.
The Marco Island FA community represents a target-rich environment for RIAs.

The WSD Team

The Marco Island FA community

WealthSpace Design

Our detailed research report includes more than one hundred names of financial advisors, independent wealth managers and relevant industry experts - along with contact information.

We paid special attention to advisors who live in Marco Island but work elsewhere in the country, as they may have relatively higher interest in leaving their firm for a local RIA.

Office Space

We scoured the Marco Island commercial real estate market and came up with a handful of attractive and viable spaces, ranging from 1,500 to 3,200 square feet.

Marco Island’s canals and countless marinas can put you within eyesight of your boat... from your office window.

Perhaps most importantly, advantageous state tax rates allow you to retain even more of your earnings. Florida is already a great place to do business, but the summer-vacation feel of Marco Island helps you enjoy it that much more.

The WSD Team

FA Target List

Highlighted names denote top prospects at each firm.

The information on this page about Marco Island, Florida is a direct result of a specific client request. This particular client wants our help to open a high-end wealth management boutique on Marco Island. Of the 114 Financial Advisors in the list below, we uncovered at least 40 who 'Live In', or 'Work In', Marco Island. Why are the profiles blurred sometimes? Because the report represents hard work and an investment of time and money by our company (and includes valuable details e.g. the FA Lives in Detroit and spends winters on Marco Island).
We un-blurred some details to convey the quality of the prospects.

Yes, we do much more than build cool offices, we build businesses! You hire us and we bring the data, the process, and the results.